Ash Sheridan has a talent for being found and unable to be found at times that are convenient for her. It is possible that her house, and later the Tavern, existed in an alternate dimension that is unable to be located by those of the "good" alignment, and easily found by those of the "evil".

This was used by Aleenya Mlinger to find Sheridan's house shortly after escaping Arkham Asylum, somewhat by the Joker, when he crawled out of her TV or something, by Jonathan Crane when he was running from the police, and Haymich Stevens when he was delivering warnings and messages to the trio.

It is also frequently used to prevent Sheridan from being found by the police, turning her house into a safehouse for several other characters. This is thwarted by Scarlett Jaide, who transcends all alignments and therefore was able to find Sheridan.