Allie Arc

This arc takes place from late August to mid October. Ash Sheridan is arrested while torturing Allie Mlinger and Coty Logan. She is tormented by the two, which makes her focus all her attention on getting revenge. She develops a crush on her psychiatrist, Jonathan Crane, and meets Aleenya Mlinger after being released, who also wants revenge against Allie. Allie learns of Crane's villainy while making an antidote to Ash's toxin, and is ultimately killed by Aleenya with the help of Ash and Crane.

Arkham Arc

This arc takes place mid October to December. Ash Sheridan and Aleenya Mlinger are captured and once again brought to Arkham Asylum, under the watch of Jonathan Crane. He torments the both of them, and makes them distrust each other, but Ash also breaks free of her crush on him. When the Joker breaks them out, Ash cuts ties with Aleenya to protect her childhood friends, Cate Hunter and Izzy Tennant. The two are kidnapped as leverage by Scarlett Jaide, and saved by Aleenya and Ash, which leads to Ash reconnecting with Aleenya.

Chistmas Arc

This arc takes place over the month of December, when Ash Sheridan has decided to take a break from crime to celebrate. Aleenya Mlinger is less than pleased, and Ash attempts to make Aleenya like Christmas. Jonathan Crane gets framed and outed as Scarecrow, and seeks shelter at Ash's house. Cate Hunter and Izzy Tennant are arrested for breaking Ash and Aleenya out of Arkham, but the Joker takes the blame for the crime and is arrested.

Aleenya Arc

This arc takes place from after Christmas to early March. Aleenya Mlinger has difficulty dealing with guilt over her history and attempts to commit suicide as well as reconnect with her past. She and Ash Sheridan begin dating. They sneak into the police force under false identities, later using this to arrest and subsequently release Jonathan Crane. Their arrogance angers Scarlett Jaide, who leaves Gotham for several weeks. Aleenya also decides to stop killing people.

Scarlett Arc

This arc takes place from early March until mid April. Scarlett Jaide returns to Gotham with an army of ninjas and mercenaries. She intends to use them to wipe out all crime in Gotham. She begins persecuting Ash Sheridan, Aleenya Mlinger, and Jonathan Crane and anyone related to them. She targets former mobsters, as well as corrupt former police officers, and shows no mercy in killing any of them. Scarlett raids Ash's home, as well as The Joker's, which leads her to conceal the location of Commissioner Gordon. A new villain, The Calculator, arrives, having found technology that can monitor the location of Jaide's thugs. He uses that to coordinate the trio, and reinstate Gordon.