Aleenya ArcAleenya MossAllie Arc
Amelio CollinsAnne the PirateArkham Arc
Ash SheridanCate HunterChristmas Arc
Convenient Knowledge (or lack thereof) of Sheridan's LocationCoty LoganCrane
FalafelGeneral Plot (Probably)Gordon
Haymich StevensJean ArlandaLily O'Claire
Magically Healing Leg WoundsSam MisraScarlett Arc
Scarlett JaideSebastian MurdockStrategically Placed Abandoned Warehouses
Sudden Appearance/Disappearance of the JokerThe CalculatorThe Joker
Your Magic Land Wikia
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File:I tried ot joker.jpgFile:Joker drawing.jpgFile:Kinda terrifying kinda awesome.jpg
File:Maybe hes in trouble fuck why do i like these.pngFile:Noah.jpgFile:Noah Drawing.jpg
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