This arc takes place from early March until mid April. Scarlett Jaide returns to Gotham with an army of ninjas and mercenaries. She intends to use them to wipe out all crime in Gotham. She begins persecuting Ash Sheridan, Aleenya Moss, and Jonathan Crane and anyone related to them. She targets former mobsters, as well as corrupt former police officers, and shows no mercy in killing any of them. Scarlett raids Ash's home, as well as The Joker's, which leads her to conceal the location of Commissioner Gordon. A new villain, The Calculator, arrives, having found technology that can monitor the location of Jaide's recruits. He uses that to coordinate the trio, and reinstate Gordon.

Previous Arc: Aleenya Arc

Ash’s Backstory and Scarlett’s Return

After meeting Aleenya’s parents again, Ash feels bad about never having told Aleenya her past. She explains that she was a teacher, and started villainy after she was fired. Aleenya explains that she felt like Ash judged her for her past, and Ash apologizes, admitting to how much she admires Aleenya. She and Aleenya make up for the petty arguments they had been having and kiss, only to be interrupted by Coty Logan dressed as a ninja making her return to Gotham. Ash tries to hide the genuine fear she feels when she hears Coty again, and as Coty is threatening them, Aleenya shoots her leg. The two make their escape after another ninja that knows what they're doing appears. While in the car, Ash gets a call from Crane, who had decided to go out on his own for the first time in forever, but was attacked in a similar manner. He demands that they pick him up before he is killed. While they are amused by his predicament, the two pick him up and go back home.

Over the course of the next few days, the trio quickly learn that Gotham is being overrun by ninjas and mercenaries recruited by Scarlett Jaide specifically to attack them, and all organized crime in Gotham. The recruits are very effective at their job, and succeed in foiling almost all their plans. Ash’s house becomes their safe house, which they can rarely leave without being found and attacked.

Scarlett receives word from her ninjas that Izzy Tennant and Cate Hunter are returning to Gotham. She orders Jean Arlanda to arrest them, even though Jean is hesitant. When Cate returns to her apartment, she finds that Scarlett is already there. Scarlett attempts to arrest Cate, and Cate is infuriated by not being able to rest at home. She is attacked by some ninjas and she manages to escape the apartment.

She is caught in the stairs by Scarlett and punches her to escape. Scarlett grows sick of the chase and begins shooting at Cate. She shoots Cate in the leg, and Cate attempts to call Ash while they chase her down. Ash’s phone is heard nearby, and she bursts into the staircase, already having been on her way to get Cate.

Ash gasses Scarlett and begins fighting the ninjas with Aleenya. Crane helps Cate stand and get down the stairs to their car outside. When Ash gets to the car she asks where Izzy is, and Crane begins tending to Cate’s wound. They learn that Izzy is at a grocery store, rather than her house, and rush over.

Jean finds Izzy in the store, and casually warns her that she is going to be arrested, giving her time to escape. Izzy panics, and ends up stealing the food in her bag as she leaves, which ends in her actually being chased by Jean. More mercenaries arrive, and Izzy is also shot in the leg, however the trio drive up just in time for Ash and Aleenya to rescue Izzy. The drag her into the car and speed away, explaining what has been happening. They take Izzy and Cate to Ash’s home and help them recover.

Not So Safe House

Several days later, they have to venture out of the house once again. Ash is convinced by Cate and Izzy to steal things from their own houses, even though it is unsafe. Aleenya and Crane leave in order to get more food for the household. When they are done shopping, Crane insists that Aleenya follow his lead in getting out of the store, rather than force their way out.

At Izzy’s house, Ash, Izzy, and Cate manage to take her belongings and leave unharmed, but are attacked when they arrive inside Cate’s apartment. Izzy and Cate attempt to take as many books as they can while Ash fends off the ninjas. They end up having to climb out the window to get out, and Ash is able to narrowly get them back to the car and drive away until they are safe.

However, the entire crowd arrives near Ash’s house at the same time, only to discover that it has been overrun with Scarlett’s army. Ash is left stunned and horrified at watching them take her safe house, and her cat. Aleenya threatens to attack them all, and Crane stops her to make them meet up with the others. He demands that they leave immediately, and leave any items that are unnecessary.

While they are packing the cars, he tries to make Ash move from her spot at the wheel, seeing that she is unfit to drive them anywhere. She does not listen to him until he threatens to use force, and Ash shoves him to the ground, declaring that Scarlett has already won. Her friends convince her to get in the car, and Aleenya guides them to a strategically placed abandoned warehouse.

At the loss of her house, Ash becomes unresponsive. Aleenya tries to help her, and becomes scared when Ash will not talk. She asks Ash to say something, and Ash admits that she loves Aleenya. She then begins to cry, and voices her fears and grief to Aleenya. Ash asks Aleenya to protect Izzy and Cate. Aleenya later decides to ask her mother to take in the two, since Allison has been speaking out against Scarlett’s harsh methods. Allison agrees, and Izzy and Cate are brought there. After living there for a few days, Allison announces that the two are staying with her. Scarlett can no longer attack them, as she would start being seen as too aggressive by the public. Cate uses this security to search for leverage against Scarlett.

Crane and Aleenya Fight

Crane begins demanding that they find a new place to stay so they do not get caught. He has been sorting the items they had left, and making a pile of things to get rid of. Most of these things were taken by Aleenya, and she gets angry. She points out that he is ungrateful, since Ash let him live in her house. They begin arguing about what to do, and about Ash’s unresponsiveness.

Crane is angry that Ash is not trying to help, and Aleenya defends her. Aleenya tries to kick Crane out, but Ash stops the fight. Aleenya demands an apology, and Crane does the same, but eventually it ends with Crane apologizing and Aleenya leaving. Ash tries to admit that she was starting to like having Crane around, but Crane refuses to listen to anything she says until she begins helping.

When Aleenya storms off, she decides to attack someone to relieve stress. She comes across a somewhat drunk, and very annoyed man named Haymich Stevens. He does not seem frightened by her, and explains that the bars he keeps going to end up getting attacked by Scarlett, and he has just narrowly escaped with his life because someone had put up a warning.

That someone is a hacker that has been watching the fight against Scarlett. He becomes angry that his daughter’s school was raided and starts warning the places that are about to be attacked.

Aleenya points out that she is out to torture Haymich, but he seems unphased. He defends himself, and ends up getting into a proper knife fight with Aleenya. He appears to be having fun with the fight, not even taking it seriously when it is obvious that he is going to lose.

After being disarmed, Haymich points out that he knew he wouldn’t win the second he recognized her. Aleenya is angry that he is not afraid, and stabs his arm to make him cry out. Regardless, he keeps prodding Aleenya with questions. Aleenya's attempts to frighten Haymich continue to fail. He asks why Aleenya hasn’t killed Scarlett, when she is the one that’s making Aleenya’s life so difficult. Aleenya decides to ruin some of Scarlett’s plans instead, and makes Haymich come along.

Haymich gives her the idea to attack Scarlett's fleet while they raid the bar he was just at, and he guides Aleenya to an old abandoned house that apparently has been storing bombs for several years. After collecting the bombs, Aleenya forces Haymich to sneak in and attach them to the police cars. Just as he is running away from the scene he is caught by a mercenary who threatens him and demands to know what he is doing. Scarlett intervenes, but only to remind the mercenary that she expects them to shoot first and ask questions later. Luckily, at that moment the bombs go off, blowing the two off their feet as Haymich scrambles away.

Aleenya had been planning on letting Haymich get caught, killed, or abandoning him there if he didn’t. She changes her mind, and warns him of the mercenary that has managed to follow him. She saves his life, and then offers to drop him off somewhere away from the mess. When she returns to the warehouse that Crane and Ash are in, she proudly declares what she did, and Crane thanks her for not being seen. She is unsure of whether he is being serious, and lets it drop.

Scarlett’s Backstory (Kinda)

Cate manages to find the Joker’s house, due to convenience and the fact that she had been there before. She finds the Joker to be pouty and unwilling to talk to her. She convinces him when she explains that she is there to fight against Scarlett. She explains that she has been doing some research, and learned that Scarlett’s parents were killed, and her brother kidnapped. She finds it odd that the case was dropped, and asks if the Joker knows anything.

When the Joker is still unhelpful, Cate makes motions to leave. He tells her that Scarlett’s brother isn’t dead. When Cate asks how he knows that, he points out that it’s because he’s the brother. He spins a fake backstory as proof enough to fool Scarlett, and then threatens to kill Cate if she tells anyone.

Saved by Haymich

While the trio are resting in their new abandoned warehouse, Crane wakes Aleenya when he hears a sound outside. As they are preparing themselves, Haymich strolls in pretending to be casual. He alerts them to the presence of Scarlett’s army surrounding them.

As the trio are preparing to leave, they are flooded with ninjas and mercenaries and have to fight their way out. Haymich has disappeared, saving his own skin rather than helping them further. The three escape out a window, to a side of the building with less reinforcements. As they are trying to run, Ash notices Jean Arlanda, and takes the first voluntary action she has taken for days by approaching her. She asks Jean if there is any way to end the fight now. Jean tells her to let herself be arrested. While Ash is hesitating, Crane distracts Jean, and Aleenya forces Ash to run off with them to a maze of alleyways behind Jean.

Haymich catches them in the alleys, and guides them through. He makes them hide in some dumpsters until the coast is clear. Crane vomits at the end of the chase, and Haymich leaves them to find a new place to stay.

Angering Scarlett

Scarlett has a conversation with Jean after the trio escape, furious that they have eluded her entire army. She shows her frustration at the new person who seems to know where her army is at any given moment, and keeps warning others. She tells Jean that she cannot go after Cate and Izzy, because of their protection, and makes it clear that she doesn’t trust Jean.

Cate tells Izzy about Scarlett’s relation to the Joker, contrary to his instructions. She wants to make sure that someone knows besides her, in case she is killed by the war against Scarlett. After their conversation, Cate sends a rather infuriating note to Scarlett to meet with her.

Scarlett meets with Cate, where Cate points out that if she disappears, Allison is prepared to slander Scarlett into the ground. Cate reveals that she knows the Joker is Scarlett’s brother, and Scarlett does not deny it. She is enraged by the secret getting out.

Cate berates Scarlett for what she is doing, to which Scarlett criticizes Cate’s friendships with criminals. Cate demands to be allowed to go back to her ordinary life, without fear of being attacked. Scarlett shows contempt for Cate and Izzy giving up in the fight, but agrees to her terms after adding the rule that Cate also leaves Scarlett alone. As Cate is leaving, Scarlett mentions a similarity in attitudes between Cate and how her own brother used to be.

Cate finally returns to her apartment, and is very happy for this. She tidies up the mess they left behind last time, and takes note of everything that has been left. She realizes that she is missing her most recent journal, and panics, thinking that Scarlett has taken it for some reason.

As she continues to look for it, the Joker forces his way into her house, explaining that his house has been raided by Scarlett. He says she’s extra angry because he gave away their past, and he has decided to move in with Cate indefinitely.

Haymich Helps a Kid

Aleenya finds another strategically placed abandoned warehouse to stay in, and in an effort to make Ash do something, brings her out and about to find Haymich and thank him for warning them about the attack. While they are looking around the bars, Haymich falls out of a tree, still passed out/asleep.

When Aleenya eventually wakes him up, he reveals that he doesn’t really have anywhere to sleep. Aleenya tells him to find a warehouse like they do, and Haymich warns her that Scarlett has caught on to her love of warehouses, so they should probably avoid them.

Haymich notices Ash when Aleenya decides they should go find a new place to stay. He looks like he might have been scared by her reputation before, but says she seems different from what he expected. When Aleenya asks why, Haymich points out that she's already given up. Aleenya gets angry, saying Ash is just grieving, and Haymich hesitantly lets it go.

They go their separate ways, and Haymich begins musing to himself about how things in Gotham have changed once he reaches a bar. It is revealed that he was in Carmine Falcone’s mob during Batman’s time. He has been using his time at the bars gaining customers for his talents as a hitman in order to fuel his alcoholism.

Haymich is shocked, however, when a young girl approaches him in the bar. She offers him meager amounts of money to kill Scarlett, and she explains that Scarlett killed her parents for being a part of Sal Maroni’s mob before he died. Haymich explains that he wouldn’t be able to reach Scarlett to kill her. Haymich feels bad for her, and protects her while she copes with the death of her parents. Haymich then offers to give her somewhere safe to go, and draws her a map with directions to a care facility for orphans.

Arkham Take Four

When the trio are relocated to an abandoned hotel building, Crane starts having difficulties hiding his withdrawal from the fear toxin, and suggests going to Arkham to collect some. He says it is to fight against Scarlett, and hides his addiction from Aleenya and Ash. He convinces Aleenya to support him after agreeing to give her some of the toxin again.

He and Aleenya are attacked by ninjas once they are deep inside the maze of hallways that Arkham is. They become trapped and are saved by a message appearing on a nearby TV screen showing them a hidden way out. The TV screens following show similar messages directing them. Crane gets to the entrance of his hidden lair, to find a message on the screen greeting them. Crane gathers materials needed to make the toxin, while Aleenya takes his surplus supply. The messages on the screens guide them out of the Asylum with little contact with Scarlett’s Army.

Turning Points

While Crane and Aleenya are away at Arkham, Ash has time to think about her prior conversation with Jean. She eventually decides to call the other. Jean does not immediately inform the Army of Ash’s identity when they are talking. Ash asks if Jean was honest about the fight stopping if Ash turned herself in. Ash reveals that she cannot protect her friends anymore. Ash asks if Jean would protect Izzy and Cate, and upon her agreement, Jean begins planning how to get Ash there without being caught first.

At this moment, Crane and Aleenya return and Ash hangs up on Jean in a panic. Ash hesitantly explains to them that she is planning on turning herself in. Ash tells Aleenya that she just wants the fight to stop. Aleenya angrily tells Ash that Scarlett would kill her if she does, and Ash points out that they are going to lose anyway, and she would rather choose when they die. Aleenya explains that her reasoning for trying to kill herself was that she had nothing to love, and no belonging, and now that she does, she could not take losing it. Ash apologizes to her, and after some urging from Aleenya, agrees to not turn herself in.

Crane interjects, pointing out that they have been working on getting the toxin to fight Scarlett. Ash sneers at the small amount of toxin they have, and denies that it will do anything useful. When she asks about the recruits they had to fight through, she learns of the help they received. Crane shows his distrust for the new arrival, and immediately afterwards, another message appears on the screen in the room making fun of him. It tells them it knows they’re trying to take Scarlett out, and names itself the Calculator -- to which Crane shows quite a bit of contempt.

Calculator tells the three that he knows where Gordon is. When Aleenya asks, Calculator writes that he was with the Joker, until Scarlett recently found his house and raided it. The three consider trying to find him, and the Calculator tells them he will be in touch later. Crane gives Aleenya some of the fear toxin while gloating about possibly being the only villain remaining from Batman’s time.

Meanwhile, Scarlett is furious at her attacks constantly being thwarted by Calculator. Jean suggests planting a spy to discover what is tipping them off and how to stop it, and Scarlett chooses Amelio Collins for the job.

Aleenya Saves Haymich

Several days later, Haymich has passed out on a bench somewhere outside after yet another bar is raided. He is woken up in the middle of the night by an angry woman. It is revealed that she is the reason Haymich is alive, and she is very upset that he is spending his second chance on alcohol. Haymich angrily tells the other that he is not grateful that she brought him back. He refuses to go back to his family that believes him to be dead. The doctor eventually leaves him, and Haymich tries to go back to sleep. It starts sleeting, and Aleenya finds Haymich half frozen and offers to take him back to where they are staying. Haymich doesn’t agree, and just asks her why she is outside in the cold. Aleenya drags him back to the hotel to warm up.

Ash helps care for Haymich, while Crane makes cynical commentary on picking up strays. Ash points out that Crane joined them in much a similar manner, and Aleenya reminds him that Haymich saved their lives. Haymich tries to explain himself to Crane, and says something reminiscent of Calculator’s greeting to them. Ash questions whether he’s Calculator, and Haymich denies it, but explains to them that Calculator has been ruining a lot of Scarlett’s plans in the past few days, by warning places that are about to be raided, as well as former mobster families that she is targeting. He says that the only reason they haven’t been chased out of the hotel again is probably Calculator. Crane shows his dissatisfaction at being left to do nothing all this time. Haymich leaves when the others are sleeping.

While waiting for something to do, the Trio remain in the hotel indefinitely. Crane has one of his frequent, recurring nightmares, and attempts to hide it from Aleenya and Ash. The two probably pretended that they were still asleep, especially since this occurs more than once during the time they are hiding from Jaide.

Cate Finds Gordon

Cate later decides to ask the Joker if he knows where Jaide would have taken her journal, and the Joker tells her it would be at the police department. He gets the idea to raid the place, and forces Cate to come along on the threat of killing her.

The Joker gets them into the cavernous basement of the police department, where he claims all of Jaide’s stolen evidence would be. They are attacked a few times by ninjas, which the Joker manages to knock unconscious. He ties them up and brings them with, claiming they are bait. Eventually, they find the old evidence room that has Cate’s journal and lots of weapons taken from the Joker’s house.

Cate attempts to leave after getting her journal, but the Joker forces her to stay once again. He claims that his goal is to anger Jaide, or take back what she stole from him. Cate is not aware that he means Gordon at this point. After a while, they are ambushed by a large amount of ninjas. The Joker attempts to confuse them all with a smoke bomb and several other gimmicks, while Cate runs away.

Cate ends up in a hallway full of old cells, one of which contains Commissioner Gordon. Gordon explains why he is trapped there, and learns who Cate is. Cate attempts to free him, but Gordon insists that she keep herself safe first. He points out that since she is friends with Ash, and known to work with the Joker, her word against Jaide would not be credible. Instead, he asks her to work on finding outside help in releasing him. Cate agrees, and leaves. She runs into the Joker again on her way out, and he follows her back to her apartment.

Jaide Gains Ground

In an effort to learn who has been ruining her plans, and how they are being ruined, Jaide sends Collins as an undercover agent into the underworld. He begins frequenting the shady bars, and even pretended to run away when Calculator warns them of Jaide’s attacks. By doing this, Jaide starts learning about Calculator’s schedule. She attacks earlier than usual, and Collins reveals that he was planted by Jaide. Haymich realizes that he had been relying too much on the warnings Calculator gives, and is lucky to have escaped again.

Jaide, on her way to check on Gordon, finds a display left for her by the Joker. The ninjas that he had previously been fighting have all been murdered, and brutally displayed to make sure Scarlett knew who had killed them. Scarlett is relieved to find that Gordon is still in her custody, but her disgust for the Joker is amplified once again.

Cate questions the Joker for methods of finding Ash to inform her that Commissioner Gordon is alive. The Joker is unhelpful, and accuses her of not wanting to live a normal life, since she keeps going out and causing trouble for herself. Cate decides to leave on her own to find Ash.

She first checks with Allison Moss, to see if she knows where the trio are, and then when that doesn’t work, she decides to look around the streets herself. Cate rests in a random bar, where Haymich is nursing a hangover with some coffee. Haymich asks her why she’s there, since it is only the afternoon. Cate explains that she’s looking for someone, and Haymich points out that the only people around the area are criminals. He mentions that he ran into Aleenya a few times, and Cate asks if he knows where she is. Haymich is wary of her, since he just recently learned that Jaide has resorted to spies. Cate eventually reveals that she is friends with Ash, however, and Haymich tells her that talking to Ash is really dangerous with the way Jaide has been. Haymich offers to find Ash for Cate, and refuses any sort of payment.

Calculator Starts the Game

The trio have become very bored, waiting for some sort of change in the war with Jaide. Calculator appears on the screen in their hideout -- no longer using text, but rather a silhouette of himself, so he can talk to them quickly. He decides it is time to stop Jaide, and tells them where Gordon is. He explains that he will lead them through the department to find Gordon, like he led Aleenya and Crane in Arkham.

The trio go to the police department, guided by Calculator. Crane manages to pick the lock to get them inside, and they follow Calculator’s guidance. However, before they run into any ninjas, they enter a room that contains only Collins and Ember. Calculator reveals that he tricked them, while Ash and Aleenya try to reason with the two officers. The officers do not believe that they’re trying to help, and call for reinforcements.

However, before this happened, Calculator contacted Jean Arlanda via text. He revealed that he has been the one thwarting Jaide's plans, and wants to meet with Arlanda. Jean, on permission from Jaide, follows his instructions. Calculator leads her down into the forgotten basement after all of Jaide’s recruits have been sent to attack the trio. Rather than meeting her personally, he guides her to Gordon’s cell. Jean forgets about Calculator in the midst of saving Gordon herself.

Jean finds Jaide’s concealment of Gordon to be unacceptable, and begins working with Gordon to overthrow her. They escape from the basement without being discovered by Jaide. Here, they run into the trio who has somehow managed to survive and escape from the entirety of Jaide’s army. There is literally no reason for this other than we need them to still be alive.

Aleenya calls her parents and tells them about the situation with Gordon. They agree to work with Gordon and reveal to the public that he is alive before Jaide learns that he is gone and kills him. Gordon and Jean go to the Moss household. Jaide contacts Jean in a rage at the trio’s escape, and realizing that Gordon is gone. She tells Jean to kill them, and anyone that might be with them, no questions asked.

News reporters arrive, and begin interviewing Gordon about his survival and what has been happening to him. Gordon explains that Jaide herself has been keeping him captive. He declares that he will be taking his place as Commissioner once again, and asks that Jaide step down gracefully. He shows little hope of this actually happening, however, and makes it clear that he will fight against Jaide if needed.

The Trio return to their hideout to find that Haymich is already there. Haymich tells Ash that Cate is looking for her. While the trio were originally thinking of going back out to attack Jaide’s army some more, Ash decides to first meet with Cate and brings Aleenya along to be safe.

The two go to Cate’s apartment, and learn that the Joker is there too. While Aleenya and the Joker fight, Ash catches up with Cate. Cate explains that she had learned where Gordon was, but that it is kind of pointless now that he is free. She offers to let the trio stay at the apartment, rather than in their shabby hideout, while they figure out what to do next.

Ash and Aleenya pick up Crane and their minimal resources, and go to Cate’s apartment. While watching the news, they decide that they want to help Gordon while he is attempting to recover control of the police force. Crane opts out of the dangerous mission, and stays at the apartment while they go.

Taking Down Jaide

Upon hearing Gordon’s public declaration against Jaide, the mercenary portion of Jaide’s army deserts her. The ninjas remain, but are spread out over the city, trying to maintain their order. Ember takes it upon herself to make Jaide leave the department. She agrees with Jaide’s ideals, and wants to save Jaide from her inevitable death or arrest, since they do not have enough forces to protect the department. Jaide sullenly agrees to flee.

Gordon and Arlanda begin a mostly solo mission of turning officers in the department back to their side. As they sneak in, they come across Collins and a few ninjas. Collins joins them after the ninjas are dealt with. As gunshots are fired, more ninjas learn where the cops are and begin attacking.

Ash and Aleenya follow the gunshots as well, and begin fighting on the side of the cops. The cops are skeptical of their help, but Gordon decides that it is better than nothing. They make their way to the Commissioner’s office, and find that it is swarmed with ninjas, with no sign of Jaide. Aleenya and Ash decide to stay behind and hold off the ninjas while the cops try to find Jaide.

The two miraculously survive the overwhelming odds once again, but this time Aleenya is severely injured. Ash has left several of the ninjas under the effect of her toxin or dead, and steals a police car to take Aleenya back to Cate’s apartment.

Gordon, Jean, and Collins fail to catch Scarlett. They return to the police department to find that Ash and Aleenya have killed many of the ninjas, and left many others injured and/or gassed with Ash's toxin. Collins arranges for paramedics to retrieve the injured while Gordon decides how to explain getting help from criminals. He decides to explain that Ash and Aleenya arrived of their own volition to murder Scarlett, while he and his officers were trying to apprehend her. He condemns their violence publicly, and then returns to discuss the future of the department with Jean.

They are interrupted by Collins' partner, Sebastian Murdock, who has come in frantic search of Collins. We get to learn Collin's first name, which is exciting, and Gordon uses the distraction to make sure Jean gets public credit for her help in finding him, and they start planning how to rebuild the police force.

Recovery Stages

Ash and Aleenya return to Cate's apartment to take care of Aleenya's injuries. Crane takes charge of making sure the most threatening wound is dealt with, while everyone listens to the news reports regarding Scarlett. When Aleenya is patched up and recovering, they start talking about rebuilding a home. Ash offers to let Crane continue living with them, to which Crane refuses to give an answer. Aleenya thanks him for helping with her injuries, which he also does not respond to. The Joker has left at some point during this, and the rest spend some time resting.

Due to the chaos of Scarlett's disappearance and Gordon's return, many of the businesses around town have closed for the day, and Haymich is having difficulty finding places to get a drink without being bombarded by the news. He eventually wanders towards the higher-income residential areas, and runs into his husband, Noah Kuttler with his son, Marvin. While Marvin is playing with a group of other children, Noah and Haymich talk.

Noah demands to know why Haymich has been missing for eight years, and to hear the story of what happened to him and their wife. He is visibly shaken by Haymich's return, but Haymich also notices that Noah has gotten wiser, as he was able to avoid being targeted by Jaide for being in the mob. Noah asks Haymich his plans for the future, and leaves him when Haymich gives a vague response. Haymich slinks back to any bar he can find after that, and finds it much easier to ignore the news.

Later, Ash, Aleenya, and Crane leave Cate's apartment so they can find a place of their own and stop threatening Cate's safety.


Losing Hope

  • The Sword & The Pen - Regina Spektor
  • The Way It Ends - Landon Pigg
  • Hero - Regina Spektor
  • Control - Halsey

Meet Haymich. He lies.

  • I’m Only Joking - KONGOS
  • The City Is At War - Cobra Starship
  • Some Nights (Intro) - fun.
  • Sunrise, Sunset - Bright Eyes

Aleenya & Ash

  • Dear Prudence - Across the Universe
  • Love and War - Shona Foster
  • It’s Over When It’s Over - Falling in Reverse
  • You Are The Moon - The Hush Sound

Enter the Calculator

  • Mastermind - Mindless Self Indulgence
  • The Devil is in the Details + The Devil is in the Beats - The Chemical Brothers
  • The Work - Air Traffic Controller

Scarlett why are you like this

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  • God’s Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash
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